Marison’s Restaurant Launches Their Official Website With Prosperna

Marison’s started all the way back in December 2013 as a retirement project for the owner, and after making a name for themselves in the food industry, the family restaurant is proud to announce the launch of their brand new website at marisons.ph, through a partnership with the eCommerce technology company, Prosperna

Located in a small commercial center at the heart of Antipolo, Rizal, Marison’s have grown into multiple locations, serving customers and contributing to the lifestyle of diners for over 7 years, as featured in popular magazines and news portals, Inquirer and Cosmopolitan


In the hopes to professionalize the restaurant even further and adapt to changes in the New Normal, Marison’s partnered up with Prosperna to address the needs of the business. 

The restaurant was purely brick and mortar, prior to the partnership, and lacked any online presence apart from basic information. 

In less than a month, they have developed a fully-functioning website, at a rate faster and more affordable than other services they looked at. 

According to the Operations Manager, Aldrich Villareal, “Prosperna has been the solution in bringing food to our customers during the quarantine period when restaurants are forced to close down. Partnering up with other food aggregators was costly, taking in up to 25% of gross sales per delivery. But with Prosperna, they enabled us to accept online orders and deliver fresh food to our customer’s doorsteps at a sustainable rate, without any hidden fees in our very own platform.” 

Through the Online Store Builder, Marison’s can serve more customers in and out of Antipolo, while innovating their business to satisfy more customers with an effective and customizable solution. 


The website functions for both marketing and selling purposes, designed with the latest practices and modern aesthetics. It is also equipped with functionality, easy access and the essential information to help customers shop online and create a fully-contactless transaction for their convenience. 

The features of the website they built with Prosperna includes: 

  • Homepage complete with an overview of Marison’s, Recent News, Testimonials, and Contact Form to stay updated with what’s happening. 
  • Fully-digital Product Menu categorized by Store Location, with navigation filters, full-HD photos, and product description for a complete shopping experience. 
  • Digital Payments and Order Fulfillment Services at checkout, so we can deliver your Marison’s Favorites at your doorstep. 
  • Account Creation to save your order information for faster checkouts and exclusive promotions. 

You can now enjoy Marison’s anytime, anywhere! 

Enjoy traditional Filipino food with a modern twist, at Marison’s, with your family and loved ones. 

For any suggestions, questions, comments please contact us on our website or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates.


Marison’s is a Filipino restaurant in Antipolo City that exists to elevate Filipino cuisine. The restaurant started in 2013 when restaurants were still scarce in Antipolo and the only options were fast food. We saw that the community is ready for a better dining experience that can only be experienced in Manila’s glitzy areas such as BGC, Eastwood, and the like. Marison’s restaurant serves "Modern Filipino Food". Our long-term goal is to serve quality food to every Filipino family. Filipinos are great at exciting their guests. We made sure that our creations mirror that well. From appetizing appetizers, heart-warming soups, healthy salads, sumptuous main courses to exciting desserts, we elevated Filipino cuisine by taking the best ingredients and improving cooking processes to the next level. 

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